Defining we're different
in a world of indifference


PICTURE      We are Andy and Hannah LaBolle and we will be joining His Heart My Voice and the Richardson Family in Thika, Kenya in late June or early July 2013. We are very excited to be headed off to Kenya, following Jesus where He leads and being his hands and feet on this earth. Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 2:8, “We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God's Good News but our own lives too.” That is truly how we strive to live. That we would not only share the Good News of the Kingdom of Christ that we are continuously learning how to lean into, but that we would also give our very lives so others may know our King.

      Although we are very much looking forward to our season in Kenya, we believe that being the hands and feet of Jesus doesn’t start when we leave, but it starts everyday, here and now, in Washington. We believe that we are all “missionaries”, called to grow where we are planted and serve those around us. After all, our salvation, our freedom, is not our own. It is for the freedom of others that Christ has set us free.

      Hannah: This will be my second time living in Thika, Kenya with the Richardsons and I am very eager to return, and this time, to have Andy with me. My time in Kenya has effected how I’ve viewed everything, from my family, what I spend my money on, to how we do church and why we do it that way. I’ve also realized that the broken, needy, orphaned, enslaved are everywhere, not just in Kenya. It’s just more obvious and in your face there. But no matter where I am, Jesus is calling me to be part of the change instead of turning a blind eye. I truly believe that if each of us does a little part, together we can accomplish something great for the glory of the Kingdom.

      Andy: I am a servant of the Lord, trying to remain fully aware of the world we live in! I am constantly reminded of its potential for being broken, but also its great potential for love and beauty in the light of the King. I have met many amazing people who resemble Christ so well in how they love each other in every day life and these people have become my friends and family. They challenged me to live more fully alive in Christ and have shown me how to find community in the craziest places. I am going to chase the King in his desire for us in Africa and wherever else He has for us. And I am so excited!! Hannah and I are recently married and chasing the King together. God is transforming our language from “me” to “us” and we're both amazed at how God loved us so well by sending us one another! Now we both get to learn to die to our selfishness in a whole bunch of new and exciting ways while loving everyone we can with urgency in the ways God has gifted us.

PICTURE      So friends, who have yet to become close enough to be known as family, and those we claim as family, I pray we become the people who always open our hearts, minds, and our lives to one another in open, intimate and possibly dangerous attempts at loving one another well. If you find yourself compelled by God, to plant you roots here and provide for the two of us, we most humbly thank you for your willingness to allow God to bring light in dark places and show us a world He has prepared for us. And if you find yourself setting up roots elsewhere, then we both gladly accept and celebrate that God is doing amazing things with your lives. And because we are both crazy in love with people, we would hope that our paths would cross occasionally so we could swap stories of the King and his great love we have been witness to and participated in. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, a world apart but one Facebook post, email, or phone call away. Distance is only for a season and we will have an eternity to share stories, so I hope we live lives worth sharing, lives that reflect the King.

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